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Unable to access the Internet after installing a McAfee Security Suite


Affected Suites:
McAfee Total Protection 
McAfee Internet Security Suite
McAfee AntiVirus Plus

Affected Products:

Affected Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista

NOTE: If you are unsure what version of the McAfee Security software you have installed, please see article TS101107.


Unable to access the internet after installing a McAfee Security suite.


The McAfee firewall component might be blocking your access to the Internet.


Step 1 - Determine Application Access
  1. Double-click the M shield icon in your taskbar.
  2. Click Web and Email Protection.
  3. Click the Firewall link.
  4. In the Firewall options window, confirm that the Firewall is On.
  5. Click the Program Permissions drawer. 
  6. Scroll through the list and make note of any application rules you may have created, especially block rules. 
  7. Grant outbound access to any programs that require network connectivity.


    • spoolsvc.exe- Printer Spooler Subsystem (This allows you to print to a network printer.)
    • iexplore.exe- Internet Explorer (This is a Microsoft browser.)
    • outlook.exe- Microsoft Outlook (This is an email client.)
    • msimn.exe- Microsoft Outlook Express (This is an email client.)

Step 2 - Restore Firewall defaults
  1. Click Restore Defaults.

    NOTE: Resetting your firewall defaults will erase all custom settings. You might be prompted to allow or deny various applications, or to re-add any custom port allowances you created for other applications. No other warning will be presented to you about the use of the Restore Defaults button.
  2. After you click Restore Defaults, the SecurityCenter might prompt you for network or application permissions. Take care when you confirm your local network and ensure that you select the Home button.  

If you still cannot access the Internet

Personal Firewall may be unable to automatically configure your network. This can happen when you have another firewall installed, multiple network adapters enabled, or your Network Properties are configured improperly.

Temporarily disable McAfee Personal Firewall to test your Internet connection:
  1. Double-click the M shield icon in your taskbar.
  2. Click Web and Email Protection.
  3. Click the Firewall link.
  4. In the Firewall options window, click the Turn Off button.  McAfee Firewall will confirm that you want to disable the service with a popup message.
  5. Select a resume time, then click Turn Off.  Your security status will change from green to red. This is normal.
  6. Test your Internet connection. After your testing is complete, either turn the firewall back on or restart your computer. 
If you are unable to connect to the Internet with the firewall turned off, it is likely the issue is with another application or service. For assistance with your operating system or network connections, contact your computer manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  

NOTE: Your computer manufacturer and ISP may request that you completely uninstall your McAfee Personal Firewall. After you have your networking reconfigured, reinstall Personal Firewall.

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