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Using McAfee Family Protection Web Blocking


Using McAfee Family Protection Web Blocking


This article explains how to use Web Blocking in McAfee Family Protection.

Affected Products: Affected Operating Systems:
McAfee Family Protection Windows XP
Windows Vista

To protect your family from potentially objectionable websites, Family Protection offers several options. The Web Blocking option allows you to allow or ban potentially objectionable websites specifically by category, URL, keyword, and more.

To access the Web Blocking features panel:

  1. Double-click the McAfee Family Protection icon in your taskbar.
  2. Type your Administrator account username and password.
  3. Select the Web Blocking menu item.

Choose Banned Categories
Allows you to ban potentially objectionable websites based on pre-determined categories.
  1. Click Choose Banned Categories.
  2. Choose the categories you want to ban by selecting them in the Category Name list.

    NOTE: You can see a description of the websites to be banned by selecting an item from the list.
  3. Enable or disable the Filter secure (HTTPS/SSL) websites based on category option.
  4. Click Save Settings.
Create Your Own Site Lists
Allows you to specify a list of websites you want to allow or deny access to.

  1. Click Web Blocking.
  2. Click Create Your Own Site Lists.
  3. Type the URL for the website you want to ban or allow into the Site Address box.
  4. Select either Allow Site or Ban Site.
  5. To apply this setting for everyone who uses this computer, select Add this site for all users.
  6. When you have finished making your choices, click Add Site
Configure Banned Keywords / Phrases
Blocks searches and websites that include words and phrases you specify.

  1. Click Web Blocking.
  2. Click Configure Banned Keywords / Phrases.
  3. Select Block Profanity and / or Block Sexually Suggestive Words to use the predetermined list of objectionable words and phrases.
  4. You can specify your own objectionable words and phrases by typing them into the text box at the bottom of the panel and clicking Add Keyword.

    NOTE: You can remove keywords and phrases from your custom list by selecting the word or phrase and clicking Remove Selected Keyword.

YouTube and Streaming Media
Allows you to control how streaming media and YouTube are accessed.

  1. Click Web Blocking.
  2. Click YouTube and Streaming Media.
  3. Select one of three YouTube options:

    • Allow All YouTube videos
    • Block YouTube videos with inappropriate content
    • Block all YouTube videos
  4. In the Block Media Players section, select all that apply to your needs:

    • Windows Media Player
    • Real Player
    • WinAmp
    • iTunes
    • QuickTimes Player
  5. Select Save Settings.