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Your computer is at risk: Real-Time Scanning: Off


Affected Suites:
Total Protection 2010, 2011
Internet Security Suite 2010, 2011
AntiVirus Plus 2010, 2011 

Affected Products:

Affected Operating Systems:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

NOTE: If you are unsure what version of the McAfee Security software you have installed, please see article TS101107.


This document explains what to do if your McAfee Real-Time Scanning service stops unexpectedly and the protection status changes to Red.


Your McAfee Real-Time Scanning service stops functioning unexpectedly and your protection status changes to Red. An error similar to the one below will be displayed in McAfee SecurityCenter:


Perform each of the steps below to enable Real-Time Scanning in the SecurityCenter.

If Real-Time Scanning will not start or becomes disabled again, continue to the next step.

Step 1 - Enable Real-Time Scanning in McAfee SecurityCenter

  1. Double-click the M icon in your taskbar. 
  2. Click Navigation and select the Real-Time Scanning link.
  3. Click Turn On.

    NOTE: The Turn On button will be available only when Real-Time Scanning is off.
  4. Return to the main SecurityCenter page and verify that Real-Time Scanning remains on.
  5. Close McAfee SecurityCenter.
If your status still shows that you are unprotected, continue to Step 2.

Step 2 - Run McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)

McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) is an automated self-healing tool that can diagnose and fix many problems related to your McAfee product.

Go to http://mvt.mcafee.com and follow the prompts to install and run MVT.  If MVT discovers any problems, allow it to repair those problems and attempt to enable Real-Time Scanning again.

If your status still shows that you are not protected, continue to Step 3.

Step 3 - Download and run the oas-disabled-fix.cmd utility
  1. Download and save the utility from the link below to your desktop:


  2. Double-click the oas-disabled-fix.cmd tool.
    NOTE: Windows Vista and 7 users should right-click oas-disabled-fix.cmd and select Run as Administrator.

    If you receive the error StopService: Unable to open service McShield via SCM (5), press CTRL+C to terminate the process.  You will be prompted to terminate the batch job. Type Y and press ENTER. Run the oas-disabled-fix utility again.

  3. Restart your computer and ensure that McAfee Security Center shows that Real-Time Scanning is enabled.
If your status still shows that you are not protected, continue to Step 4.

Step 4 - Check for non-McAfee security software

Other security software may cause a conflict with your McAfee products. For instructions on how to remove incompatible third-party applications and a list of many incompatible products, see:
  • Removing incompatible third party applications (2010): TS100914
  • Removing incompatible third party applications (2011): TS101083

After you have removed any incompatible software, enable Real-Time Scanning in McAfee Security Center.

If your status still shows that you are not protected, continue to Step 5.

Step 5 - Remove and reinstall your McAfee software

For details on removing and reinstalling your McAfee software, follow the instructions in FAQ article TS101331.

If Real-Time Scanning is still disabled, contact McAfee Technical Support. Go to http://service.mcafee.com and select Technical Support.

Related Information

Running a System Restore on your computer can cause the Real-Time Scanner to become disabled. System Restore attempts to return your computer to a stable restore point from the past, but that restore point might have been created before critical updates were installed. To learn more about how System Restore can affect your security software, see FAQ article TS101062.

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