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How to download and install McAfee All Access on your PC


Affected Products:
McAfee All Access

Affected Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP


Use the instructions in this article to download and install McAfee All Access on your PC. While you are installing the product for your PC, you can also protect your smartphone and other devices under the same account.

Video Tutorial

You can watch a video about installing All Access on your PC on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRRFDFulX7A.


To protect your PC, do the following for each PC in your household:

  1. Open a web browser and go to http://home.mcafee.com
  2. Click My Account at the top right.
  3. Type your email address and password, and click Log In.

    If you do not have a McAfee account, select New User? Register Now, follow the prompts to create your McAfee account, and then click Log In.

    If you want the website to remember your username in the future, select Remember Me.
  4. Use the setup Wizard to protect your devices.

    To maximize the value of McAfee All Access, McAfee recommends that you protect the device you are on and any Android or Blackberry smartphone you own. You can:

    • Select the computer you are currently using and click Download
    • Select the computer and a smartphone and click Download.
      If you select the smartphone, you must select your country and the mobile number. You then receive a text message with the install link for your smartphone. Alternately, you can select to receive the link in an email instead.

    If you do not see the device you want to protect, click the X in the top corner to access your main products page.
  5. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and click I Agree to accept the terms and continue to the download and installation.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install and configure your McAfee software on your computer (and your smartphone if you selected that option).

    NOTE: For detailed instructions to install on your smartphone, see TS101278.

To install from the main product page:
  1. Click the (+) icon.
  2. Select the PC from the icons.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Related Information

To use McAfee All Access to protect all the devices in your home:

  1. If you are not already in My Account, open a web browser and go to http://home.mcafee.com.
  2. Log in to your My Account page using your McAfee email and password.
  3. Click the (+) icon, and choose the device type you want to protect. You can install applications on the device you are on, or send links to your friends and family, so they can protect their devices.