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Common questions about locking and unlocking in McAfee Mobile Security


Affected Products:
McAfee Mobile Security (MMS)

Affected Mobile Devices:


This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about using McAfee Mobile Security to lock and unlock your mobile device.

If you are unable to unlock your device using the steps in this article, see TS101258.

Does McAfee guarantee that my phone will be recovered if stolen?
No. Unfortunately, no product can guarantee that you will get your phone back. If a thief throws your phone away or physically destroys the handset, there is no way that MMS, or any other product, can help you recover that phone. McAfee advises that you regularly back up your data so you will always have a copy if your phone is lost or stolen.

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use MMS to lock it so it is worthless to a thief. If a thief changes the SIM card, the application tracks the phone number so you can report it to the proper authorities.

What happens if I enable 'Autolock on SIM Change'?
For GSM handsets that allow you to change SIM cards, MMS protects the phone in the event the SIM is changed without your knowledge. If you enable this option, your handset will automatically lock when the SIM card is changed to an "unsafe" SIM. As a precaution, you will receive an email when the SIM is changed, and your designated buddies will receive a notification with the new number. 

NOTE: This feature is enabled at all times for MMS.

Can I send an SMS message to lock my phone?
Yes. You can control your phone remotely using text messages.

This table explains the available commands:

Feature Command Notes
Lock Secure lock <PIN> Example: Secure lock 123456
Customize the lock screen Secure lock Message <PIN> This command changes the message on the lock screen.
Example: Secure lock message 123456
                  Please call 911 to return this phone
Locate Secure locate <PIN> This command generates an SMS response to track the current location of the phone.
Example: Secure locate 123456
Wipe Secure wipe <PIN> This command erases the data on the phone.
Example: Secure wipe 123456

NOTE: This is applicable only for older MMS accounts whose username is the phone number.

What is the difference between the built-in lock on my handset and the Mobile Security device lock? 
Mobile Security provides a much more intelligent locking mechanism than what is built into your phone. It allows you to remotely control your phone by text message or from a website. You can also customize the message on the device to urge the person to return the phone, or give the phone to authorities.

You can also access the MMS website to confirm that your phone has been locked. The screen will display a message similar to the following:

This device has been locked. Please contact
+4135551234 to return the device.
Press menu to enter your PIN and unlock the

NOTE: iOS devices do not have a lock feature.

What is the 'Security Questions and Answers' feature? 
Security Questions and Answers is a new way to unlock the device using two security questions previously selected/answered if you forget your six-digit MMS PIN. You select two preset security questions, and provide a one word answer to them. The next time your device gets locked, you can type your answers and your phone will unlock.

NOTE: This feature is available only for 4.2 and later.

How do I activate the 'Security Questions and Answers' feature?
  1. Open McAfee Mobile Security.
  2. Tap Menu.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap Set your security questions.
  5. Select two preset questions from the drop-down list.
  6. Provide a one word answer for each of the questions.

Why does my device get locked when I try to uninstall the application?
As an additional security feature, MMS prompts users to enter the PIN during un-installation if the application is set as a system application.