How to configure the McAfee Online Backup client to use a proxy


Affected Suites:
McAfee Total Protection
McAfee Internet Security Suite

Affected Products:
Online Backup


If you use a proxy, configure the McAfee Online Backup client to communicate to the McAfee servers through your proxy server as follows:

  1. Double-click the McAfee Online Backup icon in the Windows system tray.
  2. Click Configure to open the McAfee Online Backup Configuration Window.
  3. Click Configure Proxy under the Options tab to launch the Proxy Configuration dialog box.
  4. Select Use this proxy server: to enable proxy configuration.
  5. Enter your proxy server in the field provided.
  6. Choose a proxy configuration option:

    • Click Use this computer's default proxy server if you want McAfee Online Backup to defer to your computer's default proxy server.
    • Click Automatically detect proxy settings to allow McAfee Online Backup to configure the proxy server based on your local network proxy settings.
    • Click Use automatic configuration script to use a script to activate the proxy service, then enter the URL where the script is located in the field provided.
    • Click Import Windows Proxy Settings to automatically copy your existing Windows proxy settings.

      NOTE: This option copies the current settings at the time it is invoked. It does not continually monitor Windows proxy settings for modifications. If your proxy settings change, you will need run Proxy Configuration again.
  7. Choose a Proxy authentication option:

    • Click My proxy server does not require authentication if your server does not use authentication.
    • Click My proxy server authenticates my computer via the domain if your server uses your domain for authentication.
    • Click My proxy requires a user name and password: if your server requires them, then enter your user name, password, and domain (optional) in the fields provided.
  8. Click OK to save your settings (or to close the dialog without making any changes).