How do I stop McAfee pop-up messages?


How do I stop McAfee pop-up messages?
Summary: This document explains some of the most common McAfee pop-up messages, and actions to resolve the issues.

McAfee products notify you when an update has been downloaded, when scans are complete, or when certain actions need to be taken to ensure your computer is protected. These normally appear in the lower-right corner of the screen as pop-up messages.
Messages relating to updates and scans keep you notified about the security of your computer and do not require any action. You can open the SecurityCenter at any time to view more details about the scans and updates. Messages relating to the status of your account, such as pending product renewals or expirations, normally require action to resolve. These messages will be discussed in this document.
Not Fully Protected
This type of message usually appears after a custom installation. When you choose not to install all of the products or features available with your subscription, the SecurityCenter recognizes that some products or features are missing. You can configure the SecurityCenter to ignore the products or features that were not installed.
Please Renew or Upgrade
If you receive a message asking you to renew or purchase your product, the product will either expire soon (the message will include an expiration date) or the product has already expired. Because the expired software is unable to receive updates, it is also unable to receive a notification that the expiration date has changed and you will continue to receive this message after you renew your license.
Expired Products
Expired products will regularly ask you to renew or upgrade. If the product is expired and you do not intend to renew it, you must uninstall the product to stop receiving the message. If uninstalling only the expired product does not stop the message, completely remove all McAfee products and then re-install the valid products.
Intel Security provides a removal tool to ensure that all McAfee products are completely uninstalled. To download the removal tool, go to:
Recently Renewed Products
If you receive a message asking you to renew a product that was recently renewed, the product was probably renewed after it expired. If a product is renewed after the expiration date, it must be uninstalled and re-installed to change the stored expiration date:
  • If you have a 2014 product suite, you can use the Verify the Subscription feature in the SecurityCenter. The product will then connect to the Internet to verify the status of the license.
  • If you do not see the option to Verify the Subscription or you still receive the message asking you to renew the product, completely uninstall and re-install your McAfee products.
    NOTE: If you only purchased updates to the DAT (virus definition) files for another year, there will not be an option to download the product if you ever need to re-install. You will need the CD or the saved executable file from your original download to re-install the product. If you do not have either of these, you will need to upgrade to the current, downloadable version. If you are within 30 days of purchasing the DAT renewal, you can obtain a refund by contacting Customer Service.
Intel Security provides a removal tool to ensure that all McAfee products are completely uninstalled. To download it, see the link in the Expired Products section above.

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